Hire a Local Realtor When Buying Waterfront Properties

Hire a Local Realtor When Buying Waterfront Properties

Living on the waterfront is a dream come true for many: everybody loves to watch the sunrise or sundown over a body of water, enjoying picturesque views right from their very own backyard! But what they may not realise is that there are certain bylaws and rules to adhere to when living on waterfront property. Not knowing these rules or bylaws may cost you.

Working with a local Realtor can help you!

I have extensive knowledge in waterfront properties and have helped previous clients purchase their waterfront dream homes too. I am proud to be directly involved in selling Admiral’s Cove properties, a new development build in the Windsor-Essex area. Admiral’s Cove is a new development located in Lighthouse Cove, right on the waterfront. With most of the development already sold out, I have been able to help many families move into their wonderful waterfront dream homes. If you’d like to learn more about Admiral’s Cove, click here.

Avoid the risk and any future costs or hassle - contact me today and let’s find your dream waterfront property!

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